H-Troop 17th Cavalry

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198th Infantry Brigade, Americal (23rd Infantry) Division




To The Web-site Of H-Troop 17th Cav.

This site was created in honor of the men, and the families of the men who served gallantly with H-Troop, in the Republic of Vietnam Campaign, during 1967-1971.


Our Company Commanders;


Capt. Walter E. Reasor, October 1967-July 1968; Capt. Alfred R. Chioffe, August 1968-March 1969; Capt. James W. Watts, March-May 1969; Capt. John R. Dethorn, May-November 1969; Capt. Max K. Natzet, November 1969-February 1970; 1st Lt. Daniel E. Gooding, March-June 1970; Capt. Oliver L. Croom, Jr., June-November 1970; Capt. Ronald L. Barnable, November 1970-February 1971; Capt. Paul R. Davis, February-April 1971; Capt. Stanley F. Cherrie, April-May 1971; Capt. Randall F. Jarmon, May-August 1971; Capt. Daniel J. Cox, August-October 1971.

Web-Site Created by:

Jim "Wildman" Linton ~ LZ Bayonet ~ ChuLai, Vietnam 1969-1970


The 2023 Leonard P. Hedges H-Troop Reunion is being held in Kansas City, MO. This years host are Bill & Belinda Johnson. The dates are October 6th-9th, and reservations are to be made no later than September 18, 2023. The special rates are $135:00 + tax, and are good for 3 days prior, and after reunion dates. $5:00 per day parking. Be sure to mention H Troop.




DINNER - Must be ordered by August 8, 2023. . These cutoff dates are set by the hotel. Though we must guarantee a certain number of dinner attendees, a larger room may be needed if we exceed our estimated numbers.